Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Overview of Our Stack - fastai, AWS, Bubble, Stripe, GCP

    3. Our App - Computer Vision SaaS - Clothing Image Classifier

    4. Bonus Lesson - Where to Look for AI App Ideas and Data

    1. Never Written Code Before? Don't Worry!

    2. Python is a Great First Programming Language

    3. Downloading and Installing Python

    4. Tools for Writing and Running Code

    5. Python Crash Course

    1. Data Collection and Preparation - Build an Image Search Engine with GCP Search

    1. What is Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Artificial Inelligence?

    2. Integrating AI into your App - NoCode, Low-Code, or Good-Old-Code?

    3. NoCode AI - An Overview of Available Tools

    4. Domains and Tasks in Machine Learning - What is ML/DL/AI useful for?

    1. Setting up Our Development Environment with AWS SageMaker

    2. Training our Model with

    1. REST APIs - How Web Apps Talk to Each Other

    2. Intro to AWS API Services

    3. The Serverless API Model

    4. Building our API

About this course

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Build your first AI-Powered Low-Code Web App

Learn everything you need to know to launch a Sotware-as-a-Service application, powered by a computer vison model (an image classifier) that we train from scratch. And do it all with less than 100 lines of code!


Korey MacDougall

Entrepreneur, Developer, Cognitive Scientist

Hi! I'm Korey MacDougall PhD. I help founders build AI-powered No-Code and Low-Code apps. For the last 10 years, I have been building, teaching, and managing AI-focused software development. Two years ago I started Launchable AI, an agency focused on helping founders and makers launch AI-powered Low-Code apps. In that time I've worked with dozens of entrepreneurs on starting their online businesses, and have built and monetized dozens of my own apps, APIs, and plugins. I share my experience doing this through our website,, and through our YouTube channel,, where I post tutorials integrating machine learning APIs, low-code apps, and custom cloud infrastructure. I'd love to help you on your NoCode Entrepreneurship journey!

Learn to Rapidly Build AI Apps

In this course we cover everything you need to know to launch a scalable AI-powered low-code app.

  • Data Collection and Preparation

  • Training Machine Learn Models

  • Cloud Infrastructure (AWS) for training models and deploying APIs

  • Low-Code User Interface and Database Development

  • Subscription Payments